Bitey, adorable and full of beans. Typical little pupper!

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Cute as could be and full of puppy mischief


  • Arrived on: November 16, 2021
  • Status: Adopted
  • Location: Fergus
  • Gender: Female, not spayed
  • Age DOB: August 16-21
  • Weight 50-60 lbs expected adult weight
  • Fenced Yard: Required
  • Apartment Living: Not Suited
  • Adoption Fee: $500

This gorgeous little gal is a Lab/Shepherd mix (according to her surrendering owner) and since her arrival has been nothing but a friendly, silly pup. 

Sally is a very social pup and loves everyone she meets. To say she is energetic is an understatement. She is like an energizer bunny at times and very busy. She is also quite clever and learns new concepts and commands easily. Typical of a Shepherd mix, she is quite vocal, liking to bark and make moany/groany/growly sounds while she plays. She has quite the range! For this reason, she is not suited to apartment living.

Sally would do very well in a home with another playful dog to show her ropes and also help keep her stimulated. In foster care she has been exposed to other dogs, cats and loves them all. The ideal home for her will be someone capable and willing to train, socialize and exercise a larger breed, higher energy dog. You should also be prepared for puppy shenanigans, chewing, crate training and of course housetraining. Senses of humour and lots of patience are a must!

It is important that all family members be old enough to take part in the training and care of the pup, as such we do not adopt puppies to homes with children under the age of 8. We also do not adopt puppies to homes where the pup will be alone for more than 3 hours total per day. This pup is still so young, she requires interaction and stimulation throughout the day. Sitting home alone is no fun for any puppy. 

She has had a full vet exam, her first two sets of vaccines, been dewormed and microchipped. Too young to be spayed , she will be adopted with a non-breeding contract in effect. She also comes with a certificate for one month of free pet insurance.

NOTE: We do not adopt puppies to the US or to homes more than 6 hours from their foster home location.